Product Description

Nuyelo WHEY protein has been designed specifically for use with your fitness program in order to facilitate weight loss and to increase the rate of muscle growth within your body. Nuyelo WHEY protein also has many other health benefits as well as helping to provide increased motivation.

Whey protein is extremely beneficial to the body when it comes to weight loss and muscle growth. Whey protein is one of the most concentrated forms of protein and so it is the ideal substance for increasing muscle protein synthesis. This ultimately increases muscle growth when used in conjunction with your fitness regime.

Nuyelo WHEY protein has been manufactured by Nuyelo to make the most efficient use of WHEY protein creating one of the most effective weight loss and muscle growth supplements on the market today.

Using Nuyelo WHEY protein in conjunction with your existing exercise or fitness regime can help to increase the rate at which you can burn fat and build muscle. In addition adding Nuyelo WHEY protein to your diet can also help to increase your motivation. This is almost as important as the physical effects that it has on your body. Motivation when training is extremely important and is a key factor in the success of any training program.
Nuyelo WHEY protein is also rich in Leucine which plays a key role in the synthesis of protein and helps to facilitate muscle growth and fat burning. WHEY protein also helps to satiate your appetite which can also help towards your weight loss.

As with all of our products Nuyelo WHEY protein has been manufactured to the highest of standards and confirms to strict GMP government rules. This ensures that Nuyelo WHEY protein is of the highest quality and will have greater benefits than many similar products on the market that do not conform to the same standards.

-Assist in Muscle retention

-increased protein synthesis

-Support increase in muscle growth

-Supports fat burning